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Your Chimney Safety, My Top Priority.

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When your heating contractor gives you the bad news that your chimney is not venting properly and a chimney sweep should diagnose it, call us first. 

Many of our customers are referred to us directly from heater contractors when they see a chimney that is unsafe.

Other new customers are referred from our previous customers who are homeowners and realtors, very satisfied with the service and worry free solution Barney Gallagher provided them for a fair and reasonable price.

Your heater, when running during the heating season can be warm and comfortable or can give you a headache when not working properly. 

Carbon Monoxide, (CO) as one of the possible gases that can enter your living space if your chimney is not venting properly, is silent, odorless and deadly.  All households should now have either a standalone CO detector or a combination smoke & CO detector. 

So, waste no time and contact us today!

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