Your Chimney Safety, My Top Priority!

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Your Chimney Safety, My Top Priority.

Do you need a chimney cap?

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HIGHLIGHTS of an Article reprint from SNEWS magazine, a trade journal for chimney sweeps, explains the benefit of installing a cap on your chimney. 

When a chimney cap made of stainless steel is installed by a professional sweep, some benefits include: 
  • Having a cap protects your home from animals entering  or birds nesting  
  • A stainless steel screened cap can prevent deterioration due to water damage 
  • Debris cannot make its way in if the opening of the chimney is covered by a screened cap. 
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If you have a cap, I can evaluate whether your cap is doing what it should.  If you need a cap, I can install one for a fair price. 
All of our caps are stainless steel and have a lifetime guarantee.
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